Naqal Maloomat Status Passport Procedure Requirements

naqal maloomat passport

Naqal Maloomat is Actually known as transferring of information or copying of your information(Maloomat). In this article we explain detail about Nakal Maloomat as well as how to check status of your naqal maloomat after completing the procedure. Expats required naqal maloomat usually at the time of Passport Renewal of own or dependents. Any person in Saudi Arabia when renew his passport he/she has to transfer his old information of passport to new ones. Now a days information stored in Computer so this means Jawazat have to update your information in their computer. The procedure of naqal maloomat is responsibility of employer/HR department but in case you assigned with naqal maloomat for completion than here you find the some information.naqal maloomat passport

Requirements for Naqal Maloomat:

Jawazat Application form which you easily fetch from Jawazat office. See the List of Jawazat Offices in Saudi Arabia

These documents are required:

New Visa + Old Visa

New Visa + Old Visa(For dependents also)

Iqama(Muqeem Identity card)

Procedure for Naqal Maloomat:

  1. First thing is to fill the Jawazat form which you get from Jawazat Office after the fill it from typing agents they may take fee of 3 to 5 sar.
  2. Now go to Jawazat office with above documents and submit them to Naqal Maloomat Counter.
  3. After that Jawazat will update your new passport information.

How to Check Status of Naqal Maloomat:

To check status of naqal Maloomat you must have verified Moi absher account at The process of registration is simple enough which you can see at my post How to get registered on Absher MOI account

Now after successfully getting new absher account or if you already have one login in to it.

After logging in you will see some tabs on the top Click on E-Services Tab

Now from the list of services click on Dependents which show all information about you family or dependents. and click on more details to see the detail overview of each dependents.

Now compare the information with new Passports if all expiry dates and other things were same than this means you Nakal Maloomat is successfully completed.