Health card is must for home based family business in saudi arabia

Health Card Mandatory For Saudi Arabia Productive families

In 2012 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs granted permission to sale and run home based business such as food preparation for this families have to obtain licences. This empowers the women and large number of Saudi Women take part in these Home food businesses, in result women will be able to improve their living also it broaden the economic activity. Health card is must for home based family business in saudi arabia

Recently in Jeddah Sami Al-Ghamdi, director of public relations at the municipality make Health Card to be Mandatory to Run the home food business He said every women or families first get their licence and then health card to run food preparation business.

How To get Health Card:

First visit women section of your respective Municipality office and Show them you have licence.

Get and fill the application form for health card. Can be downloaded form municipality website.

After that you have to compete 3 days training program worth 500 SAR as it is prerequisite  in order to get health card.

Also medical examination were also taken at Health Ministry Labs before issuing heath card.

This program is called productive Families project started in 2012 aims to financially stabilize the Saudi Women and allow them to run their own business from home. Women in Saudi Arabia prepared their tradition foods which were really demanding.

But Human health is much more important it is necessary to keep the standards of the food in Good position as contaminated foods causes diseases in Humans which were in some cases become fatal.