Maternity Leave in Labour Law QATARI WOMEN

maternity leave of qatar labor law

Qatar is by far the richest country in the world by GDP per capita but its maternity leave provisions are arguably among the worst on the planet. Do you know how much maternity leaves were given to female workers in Qatar. These leaves are not as much good as you think, Qatar is one of the world most richest country you can see in Wikipedia as per capita income but the leaves are much less and sometime females have to hire extra care taker for his child.

So what is the time period of maternity leaves in Qatar according to labor law and rules and regulation for these leaves. Women workers in Qatar is only given with 50 days maternity leave first 15 days before delivery and 35 days after the birth of child also the extension of these leaves only occurs due to pro long health problem after the birth of child. Secondly women must complete one year of job period with his employer to get these leaves.maternity leave in Qatar labor law

Some more points of Labor Law Maternity Leave:

Women workers must have to get medical certificate from certified physician on which future date of delievery must be written in order to get maternity leave before the delivery.

Employer not allow to terminate women employee contract during maternity leave

Maternity leaves in Qatar are paid leaves if extension required such as if leave exceeds more than 50 days than these extra days will not be paid.

In addition to extra days if women employee want to cut out the leaves from his annual leave than it is also possible in this case these leaves will be paid.