Mandatory Exam Test and Interview for New Expat Engineers

Saudi Council of engineers takes new decision to implement compulsory test, exam and personal interview for new expats this decision is taken after finding 1200 new expatriate engineers with any type of experience in engineering field. Also the experience is compulsory to get engineer job in Saudi Arabia.The minimum requirement for sitting in Test of SCE is experience of three years. Personal interview is also be taken to insure that best engineers will be selected.

In case of Saudi Engineers they may don’t require any experience to sit in test but for expatriates it is mandatory to have experience so that he will be beneficial in development of kingdom. Saudi engineers is always be preferable while good skilled expat engineers is beneficial for these newly graduated Saudi engineers.


Saudi Council of Engineers Registration Procedure Online

During checking of quality of  government projects, many construction companies hired almost 1200 freshly graduated expat engineers while 450 Saudi Engineers who were freshly graduated were unemployed. Which will affect the employment rate in Kingdom and not good for Saudi Economy.

There is many chance that expat engineers may have fake experience certificates even fake degrees to prevent these type of expatriates, expat engineers must be given iqama after verification of their education documents and experience certificates. SCE is coordinating with MOI and security agencies to stop hiring of fake degree holder in ksa. After personal interview test and exam expat is given with iqama having profession of engineer written on it.

Also it is totaly injustice those expats having profession of engineers but working on any other profession in ksa. Expatriates having this problem must contact MOL or SCE.

Those expat having experience of 10 years than they will be given with higher job position after test. The test is taken on the basis of engineering subjects