How To MARRY with Saudi Girl For Expatriates

The opportunity of getting marry in Saudi Arabia is really happy moment for all Expatriates especially Muslim As they are marrying in the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia I wish those Who marry recently may get brighter and happy relationship. Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia may think that what If I marry with Saudi Girl and get Good career in Saudi Arabia But the career is only depend on expatriate himself if he posses Good Skills than he get amazing job opportunists in KSA but marrying a Saudi Girl give you a great Sponsor in the shape of your wife she is really generous to you and didn’t insult you like other sponsors as she is your wife. Also Saudi Authorities gives respect to those persons who marry Saudi Women. Still the procedure of getting married with Saudi Girls is not easy in Saudi Arabia. Boy who is getting married represent himself to Respective Departments and father or close relative of Saudi Girl represent on behalf of Girl who getting married.

Imarah Office
First thing about girl is that she is 25 year old or above there is less chance for approval of application if girl is less than 25 year of age. Girl’s Father need to visit Imarah office where father submit application that mentions that his daughter want to marry an expatriate. Reason must given. Also if expatriate have any family relation with family of girl than it is more chance for approval of application.
Below documents were required to submit in Imarah Office:
ID card of Saudi Girl
ID card of Father of girl
Iqama copy of Expat
Passport copy of Expat
Photos of both boy and girl
Police Clearance Certificate:

NOC No Objection Certificate From Police Department

After application is submitted to Imarah office wait for few week and then get police clearance certificate. This is a separate procedure many expatriates apply for police clearance certificate and it take months to complete. Follow the procedure of Police Clearance Certificate

Fingerprint of Expatriates:
Expatriate fingerprint must be submitted to moi. At time of visiting police station for police clearance certificate they may take your finger print. But most of the time expatriate fingerprint is already recorded during time of entrance in Saudi Arabia. Morever police chech each and every thing like your stay in KSA, any criminal activity, non payment of traffic fines, Bank defaulter etc

Medical Tests:

It is common in many country to perform medical test of viral diseases before getting married. In saudi arabia Both men and women need to take medical test from approved hospitals. These diseases mostly include that have chance to travel to other humans such as hepatitis, HIV etc. It is better to take test in Private approved medical lab as in case of fatal viral disease is detected in expatriate he may face exit from Saudi Arabia. Result of test needs to be submitted to the police station.

Kafeel/Sponsor Confirmation letter:
Sponsorship system is a system that needs every expatriates to take permission from his kafeel. Police department need your current kafeel confirmation. Kafeel approval means letter which is attested from chamber of commerce. Ask Police department to give you a letter format.
Personal Visit of Saudi Girl:

Saudi Girl who want to marry expatriate must have to visit police department for only one time. He may asked some polite questions that if she is forced to marry or not, any type of pressure on him. After doing all of above procedures the whole process take 5 to 6 months. Now Police Department gives you NOC No objection certificate. You need to submit NOC to Imarah office.Keep in mind Police station have right to reject your application and not give you NOC.

Ministry of Interior

Once completion of submission of documents to Imarah office. Your documents will be sent to MOI KSA two week after submission. MOI check your application or give you permission to marry or reject application. It take 1 week for moi to give any result. If permission is given you will be contacted and you can go to Special court of Mariages and Divorces on specified date.
These thing your need to do in Special Court:

Persons that need to be present in Special Court are.
Bride’s Father or Brother
2 witnesses
It is better if you reach there in time.

Take Genuince IQama with your self as well as passport. for both men and women.

Mahar is the money or any other item including gold and jewels given by the groom to the bride as a gift. This money is property of wife and wife has full discretion to spend it in anyway as she wants. It is better to negotiate about the Mahar fscreencapture-arabiangulflife-1476256067325
Source:life in Saudi Arabia