Itikaf Registration Will Start from 15th Sha’ban

Itikaf is considered as the main objective of Ramadan and this year almost more than 10,000 Muslims are expected to perform seclusion in Madinah, all of the worshippers will stay in Mosque and will do their best in order to get happiness of Allah.

This year authorities made all the arrangements for itikaf at the rooftop of Mosque, so any person on i’tikaf need to go back at rooftop after performing their prayer.  According to Haj Committee in Madinah ground floor is only allocated for prayers.

According to Guidelines of Itikaf, any person on i’tikaf must place their personal belonging on the suitable location where ordinary people who come for prayer will not get disturbed.

New Method to Register for Itikaf 2018

The online registration for Itikaf is already announced by  Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques and will start registration of Itikaf from 15 Sha’ban until it end on 15th of Ramadan. Anybody who try to register after the end date will not be entertained.

فترة التسجيل تبدأ من 15 شعبان حتى 15 رمضان

For all official information Visit:

The website of General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque(GPH) Displaying the Date of Registration of Itikaf

Also in Grand of Mosque, The basement of the King Fahd expansion area of the mosque is earmarked for Itikaf.