Amnesty Scheme Extended for 2 Months – MOI Kuwait

Amnesty Scheme of 25 days is now ending on coming Thursday but according to the new notice of Ministry of Interior, the amnesty scheme will be extended for 2 months until 22nd April 2018. Meanwhile, there are not many people who actually get benefit from amnesty scheme, this scheme allows the illegal resident to leave Kuwait freely without any jail or even fines.

According to sources, there are almost 150,000 illegal expats residents of all nationalities are living in Kuwait, from them almost 30,000 taken advantage of this scheme in previous 25 days but still the number is not satisfied which is way authorities extended the scheme for 2 more months.

 Most of the illegal residents are Filipinos according to Philippine embassy they documented and repatriates 150 to 200 illegal Filipinos on daily basis.
While Authorities are taking care of all other measures such as supporting the violators at the exit points on airports and seaports.