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Itikaf in Masjid-e-Nabawi and Masjid-al-Haram Registration 2018

The Presidency of Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has launched an online informative portal for giving guidelines and registration facility to those Muslims who willing to perform Itikaf during month of Ramadan. Every year presidency made special arrangements for worshipers performing itikaf. This portal support 5 languages which helps to understand the Guidelines in better way. To avail this facility just

Itikaf Registration 2018: visit http://eservices.wmn.gov.sa:8081/eservices/ittikaf/ and after putting few details you get register yourself for itikaf of the respective year.

In Masjid al Haram basement area is allotted for itikaf, separate shelves and safes were made. Each worshiper is given with own key for locking of their belongings securely.  Only one prayer rug, pillow, light bed sheets and 2 ihram dress.

The timing of itikaf start on 20th Ramazan and end after Isha prayer on eve of Eid ul Fitr.

Itikaf Registration makkah madina

These are some of Guide Lines Given on Website:

  • Always try to maintain cleanliness of Mosque
  • Try not to discuss things in loud voices in mosque.
  • Avoid things creates disturbance for worshipers.
  • Try not to bring extra luggage in mosque.
  • Perform and stay in area designated for itikaf.
  • Not hang dresses on the corridors or the pillars of the mosque.
  • Do not sleep in places of praying area during night prayer thajjud,
  • It is good to take medicines of infection. flu and fever with yourself.
  • Air conditioning facility is available in Masjid.
  • Keep miswak and don’t bring bags/suitcases as these were not allowed only bring plastic bags to carry your luggage.
  • The food is available during seheri and Iftar outside the mosque so don’t need to bring any food storage.
  • Must bring cash as if you want buy some food and other stuff shops outside of the mosque.
  • Keep tissues with yourself.
  • Try to reach as soon as possible to start your itikaf it is good to reach 1 day before. In this way you get time to understand itikaf guidelines practically.

Designated Areas for Itikaf

Masjid e Nabawi Prophet’s Mosque in Madina: Itikaf Observers will only be allowed to stay on the roof of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Masjid Al Haram Grand Mosque in Makkah: Itikaf Observers will only be allowed to stay in the basement of the King Fahd expansion area.


Itikaf Registration Online(Old)

Only for Masjid Nabawi Prophet’s Mosque, The process is really simple you just need to enter either passport or Iqama number make sure that your iqama and passport is valid. Visit http://eservices.wmn.gov.sa for registration.


For More help Must visit official website of the Presidency of Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques http://www.gph.gov.sa/

For Itikaf Registration (Makkah&Madina) New method

In order to get registered for Itikaf in Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-al-Nabawi  You need to follow below procedure: This Method is Applied for Both Mosques

Visit the official Mosque Affairs website for registration: https://eservice.gph.gov.sa/visit/Home.aspx

First Must Translate this into English if you are in chrome

In order to register for itikaf person first need to make his account

Click on Register for new account تسجيــــل مستخـــدم جديد

Then fill the registration form

After the complete registration must visit your Email Inbox to Confirm the Email than click on Login button (تسجيل دخول) to access you account

Go to the main page Find (نظام الإعتكاف) Usually in Engish it is translated as Retreat.

Read the conditions and instructions for the observance
Approve the terms and conditions of the I’tikaaf

Attach the image of the identity and choose the language and click to submit the request for I’tikaaf to obtain an application number

Screen to inquire about the request for I’tikaaf and print it

You can also check the application status of itikaf registration form same menu (نظام الإعتكاف) >> Check Itikaf Application or Confirm Online

  • Kashif Khan

    the registeration is for madina only…please advise where/how can one register for makkah?

    • Azam Farooq

      If u get any information plz share?

      • Kashif Khan

        lol…same request for u as well.

        • Kashif Khan

          U CAN TRY this…i’m not sure if its still applies..

          • Syed Hassan

            It does open but most of the forms after registration are in Arabic language.

          • Syed Hassan

            In fact I manage to register and send the request for Ittikaf in Masjid Haram on following website:
            It’s been more than a month, it only shows “under consideration”. whole request is in arabic language, so I requested one of my Arabic friend to help me.

          • Taha

            Thanks @disqus_dCc99SfcxZ:disqus , but after registration i am not able to find the link for Ittikaf. Can you please help. Thanks.

          • Syed Hassan


            This is quite hidden link. When you are on your home page after login, you will see a green column of different links. you will see four blank links between people lost and sign out tabs. Each blank line contain link. you will see “registration” tab in third blank line. whole form will open in arabic language. I requested my arabic friend to fill it for me. you can chase your application later in ” my request” tab at same place. please let me know if any issue. see where the mouse pointer is on photo. hope this helps

          • Taha

            Jazak Allah Khair Brother.
            Have you Attached any document with this request?

          • najam islam

            Salam Brother i have register & my order number is 21939 and its status says under process but today when i went to check the application status with the procedure mention above its says no data exist .and also its not login me in can you check my status .


    Those who are interested in Ittikaf in makkah or Madinah
    the registration is started, open the coresponsindg link for registration.

  • Taha

    By visiting the mentioned link, the printed form shows”I’tikaaf Request Form Ramadan 1437″ which means this registration form is for 2016 and not for 2017. Help please.

  • innocent zoologist

    is there any need of online registration for itikaf in masjid al haram?

  • Mr. Rinfar

    Asslamu Alaikum
    we are planning to stay i’thikaf in madinah Masjidun Nabawi in 2018 Ramadhan/ 1439 H
    but once i register the form says 1438 H. a bit confused. can the admin sort it out.
    jazakalllahu khayr

    • Nasir Saleem

      Walykmsalam Dear Rinfer. Did you manage to get the answer on above ? I am facing also same issue. Form showing 1438H .

    • Umer

      Me too. When i try to register, it says registration for ihtikaaf is closed. please let me know if you find out how to register. jazakaallah khair

  • Nafiz Chowdhury

    Salam, I have registered myself for Ittekaf but when I try to save of print the confirmation, the system frozen. Later when I try to access it the page is not working. please let me know if there is another link for this and also how can I get my confirmation details.

    • Umer

      please tell me how to register. it keeps telling me that the time has ended.

      • Nafiz Chowdhury

        please see my comment above.

        • Umer

          your comment does not help. there must be a way to register but no one want to help us.

    • Mirza Muzammil Baig

      how u register , this link is not opening i m trying from last 1 month

      • Nafiz Chowdhury

        I tried the link above and it let me register. It was given a registration number but when I tried to print the page it was frozen and I could not recover the page. then I tried the link again but the link is not working now.

  • Mirza Muzammil Baig

    still not open this link

  • naseebullah tareen

    Where is application formate, I want to proceed for ithicaf as Govt of Saudi Arabia has demanded applications for 2018 for upcoming Ramazan
    please send the application, please.

  • naseebullah tareen


    • Umer

      me too. no one want to help us

  • khalid al syed

    That is too painful regarding Itekaf Registration in Makkah and Madina meany people are below confused and worry about it!!! the official should brief properly in this mater to people….

  • Dear all ,
    I have registered for itekaf and got the order number but information about confirmation .
    How can i know the my request is approved or permitted ?

    Can anyone help me how to get the confirmation information ?

  • Khalid

    Assalamu Alaikum, I have successfully submitted request and got the application number. but not sure if system has registered me for Itikaf in Makkah or Madina, as it never asked for? any idea…

    • Give me your order number i will check if it is confirmed or not

      • Mirza Muzammil Baig


          • Abdul Rahman

            Kindly confirm if we can use Pakistan Mobile Number and also I am unable to log in. I didnot get their email for confirmation nor message on Pakistan Mobile Number. Please guide me

          • Khalid

            Brother Abdul Wahab, I am getting same massage, but it’s not telling that this registration is for Madina or Makkah? and is it approved?

            Brother Abdul Rahman, try Forget Password option, give your passport id in search, it will bring up the mobile number that you entered in your profile. Click “Send to Mobile” and now system is sending sms to international numbers too.

          • i think in the new method is for both MAKKAH and MADINA

        • Muhammad

          Dear, i have register for itekaf for my parents, but really confused, my father application status is “accepted” my mother application status is ” still in Process”. Even dont know that its for makkah or madinah, can you give me some guidance if you already know every thing. JazakALLAH

      • Aziz Ahmad

        I want to apply for Etikaf in Madina. but registration page is not opening.. what should i do? Plz Plz Plz guide

      • Ali R. Ali

        can you please check for me

  • Md Perwez

    I want to apply for Etikaf in Madina. but registration page is not opening.. what should i do? Plz Plz Plz guide my email no (mdperwez87@gmail.com) and mobile no 00918409525271

  • muhammad imran

    my mother with me on visit visa and want to perform itikaf. meand mom both need to be registered seperatly..please answer…

  • Vickry Wahidji

    Salam my brother. Im Vickry from Indonesia. Id like to join itikaf in Masjid Nabawi. I already registration but i dont what its mean on the form. Could you help me? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5bb958ea1e4b67df97bba9962e05b9622008ec71d65cf0d7c6b262f7793afe88.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df374b9bd258fef6315b829f9c8f946c0a99af619d907725e73236cd1faeb64a.jpg

  • Khurram Jawad

    i have registered and applied status of case is “Under the procedure” how many days will it take to confirm it ..

    • Mohammad Javed

      Dear Mr. Javed
      Did your request approved ? & did you receive the copy of registration ?
      Please Reply.

  • Nibba

    Salam My Brother . I am unable to login and I have not got their email . Please Guide me

  • najam islam

    Salam Brother i have register & my order number is 21939 and its status says under process but today when i went to check the application status with the procedure mention above its says no data exist .and also its not login me in can you check my status

  • TARIQ Sooliman

    Salaams, i have registered my family members but non of them show as approved or anything.. I insert order. Number and passport number it has request but no option to print