Drug Test is Mandatory for Non-Saudi Marrying Saudi Women


Non-Saudi Men is have to go through premarital drug test for identification of any drug usage before marrying Saudi Women, the decision make by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, the decision is gladly received by Saudi Doctors  and considered as good step for making marriages more strong. Doctors also shows ambition for identical measure to be taken for Saudi Men marrying Women in Saudi Arabia.

Al ahsa Family Welfare association received 300 grievances from sisters, mothers, and wives who were facing difficulties in their family life due to the behavior of their drug addict sons, brothers and husbands. Women accessed family courts for divorcement of their marriage as a result of their drug addict husbands behavior.

Rules for Marrying Saudi Women

The figures of Family Welfare association states that drug addicts usually in friendship of bad company, the company of drug addicts introduce other person to criminal world.

Addiction of Drugs is a hazard for society welfare especially families. Once the drug addicts get married they dishonest their wives while developing more serious health and mental problems to themselves and their families.

The main advantage of premarital drug test is that it can decline the cases of failed marriages while making the family after marriage more strong and promote honesty. Family is basic structure of society it is crucial to maintain them as in masses each and every society contribute in better development of country.
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Source saudigazette.com.sa