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Marrying a Saudi Women 13 Vital Rules for Foreigners

According to Saudi Gazette little or less than 17 amendments were suggested to the marriage laws of Saudi Arabia for Expatriates. Below are some vital rules must be followed  by every non-Saudi citizen to marry with a Saudi Woman.

Foreigners Marrying Saudi Women

  1. One of the major and first rule is Age of Saudi Women. The age is set according so that it could not  exploit Saudi Women. Drug Test is Mandatory for Non-Saudi
  2. The Age difference between Expat Man and Woman not more than 10 year. Saudi Women must have age in between 30 to 55 yrs.
  3. The minimum age shows in rule (2) will be made flexible in  case Saudi Women is Orphan, special person, physical disable
  4. Some exemption is given in minimum age of saudi women. It will be reduced to 27 years but authorization are required from authorities.
  5. Expat must have Valid Iqama
  6. Must have Minimum salary of 5000 riyal more will be better.
  7. Any expat already married whether in his home country or within KSA not allowed to marry again in Saudi Arabia. Means expat not allowed for second marriage in Saudi Arabia.
  8. Expat is free of any criminal record. This is a main thing and expat require Police Clearance Certificate for marrying a Saudi Women. See Procedure to Marry Saudi Women.
  9. He should not on Huroob
  10. Expat have to provide medical test reports this is also from Saudi Women.
  11. He should not be military personnal of other country.
  12. Valid Passport with 12 months validity.
  13. Major Point: Saudi Women signs a certificate and expat agree with that marrying a Saudi Women does not mean that our future children granted with Saudi Citizenship.
  • Khalid

    I would wish to marry a saudi woman but with those regulations! OMG …. just let me cut my hopes… my dream is to have 3 wives HAHA

  • Arbaaz

    Rules are awesome …i want to marry a saudi girl with a little change .girls age must be 27 or 28..
    And my sallary is not so much so please cut it a little bit…..

    • Editorial Team

      WE don’t make the rules