Oman Family Visa Procedure Rules and Requirements

Every expatriate in Oman has desire to bring his family in Oman especially kids and their mother but it is not possible for all profession according to family visa procedure requirements and rules only highly qualifies professionals can be able to bring their family in Oman. There are two types of family visa one is Visit visa and second is called family joining visa (Permanent residence Visa). Visit visa of family can be applied but have less validity of three months and also requires Omani Sponsor permission, family visit visa still requires good salary and accommodation.

In this article we discussed the procedure of getting family Joining Visa of Oman. The total validity of family residence permit or card is two years. While Entry visa is valid for six months in which you have to stamp the residence visa.


Applicant must have valid residence permit of Oman

The profession must be of higher category such as managers, engineers etc

He must have capacity to Fulfill the needs of his family including housing, food, education and other needs.

Children must be less than 21 year of age. If their age become 21 in Oman their residence visa will expired.

If sponsoring sister or brother their age must be less than 18 years. Also applicant must have to submit proof that his brother and sister is dependent on him and they don’t have any other income source. Sister Should be unmarried

One of the most important condition which is strictly checked by ROP is Minimum Salary Requirement. The minimum salary requirement is 600 OMR. Read in Detail about Minimum Salary requirement for Family Joining Visa in Oman.

Must always try to keep in Contact with company Pro or sponsor as they have authority and they were more familiar with rules and regulations related to family visa.


  1. The Family Joining Visa Application must be submitted by employee’s Omani sponsor or Company PRO.
  2. Employee have to give bank statement of 3 months.
  3. Attested Marriage Certificate and Birth certificates of Children.
  4. You have to attest them from home country embassy and MOFA. As well as from Omani Foreign Affairs office, (5 OMR/Paper will require) situated opposite to the Royal Opera house Muscat.
  5. Copy of Tenancy agreement(House Agreement) must be provided by company.
  6. Two photographs size (4X6) cm for each person.
  7. Copy of Passport of person who is sponsoring his family and copy of passport of each person of family having validity of at least six months.
  8. Medical Certificate is required for residents of these country Pakistan, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia which is must be attested by MOH of country.
  9. Copy of residence card and visa page of person who is sponsoring his family.
  10. Family Visa Application for signed by sponsor and attested from Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Responsibility of PRO or Sponsor).

The applicant who want to bring his family in Oman have to discuss the procedure with company PRO and give him all the required documents for processing if everything will goes right it take 3 days to 1 month for visa approval the time is vary for different professions and nationalities.
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If anyone of you got the experience of making family visa must share with us which might help any other expatriate just like you living in Oman and facing any type difficulty in getting family visa.


Suggestions from Comment: Venkatesh: For family visa your wife medical report should be submitted. Medical check should be done gamca approved centers only. check in internet you vl get list of approved gamca centers. Medical report valid for 3 months only b4 expiry u should apply family visa

Manjunath Along with the above documents medical certificate of the spouse and children obtained from the original country should also be submitted to obtain the family visa….