Degree/Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia

saudi-embassy-attestation-degreesAttestation is sometimes very useful for proving originality of your degree and documents those expats who get their certificates and degrees attested before coming to Saudi Arabia can get more competitive jobs and also bring their families here in SA for permanent Visa. For Saudi attestation of your documents the process is little bit slower and time consuming, so be patient while your attestation process done completely. Generally it take 2 months to complete attestation of your degrees and certificates. If you hire local travel agent it may take lot less time for attestation. You can find the address of Saudi embassy in your country.

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Required Documents for attestation process:

1. You must have to handle original certificates degrees and documents during whole process.
2. Letters from your company or employer in Saudi Arabia requesting Saudi Embassy and Saudi cultural office.

Process of Attestation:

1. HRD and Ministry of External Affairs of your own home country:
You have to attest your documents form HRD and MEA in your home country. This can take 1 or 2 days. After this you can find red seal and stamps on the back of your degrees and documents

2. Saudi cultural Attache and Saudi Embassy: Read in Detail: Saudi Cultural Attache Attestation 
Take request letters from your company to Saudi cultural office for verfication than at embassy for further attestation. You can hire an agent for embassy attestation but as these are precious document so it is better to use some other ways. It may take 45 average days for attestation process to be completed from Saudi Side.

Now you can change your profession according to your degree in Saudi Arabia. For example if you want to add profession as engineer in your resident card than attestation of your degree is mandatory.
Must See this informative Video on Degree Attestation from UAE but same for Saudi Arabia.