Best Way To Check MOI Traffic Violations fine Online


You can easily check your traffic violation online through MoI website. Only you need is your Iqama No, Just enter your number than in electronic queries section and find your traffic violation. It give all details including your total violation amounts you can pay it by your personal bank account.

Procedure to check traffic violations

1. Go to MoI Official website of
2. Click on electronic inquiries section. (Which have all major services provided by moi)

3. Click first on Traffic Than click on  query Traffic Violations.

4. Enter your Iqama Number and Image code in boxes.

5. Click on view button to view details about your traffic violation.
It is enough to know that the Kingdom is witnessing significant growth in the number of vehicles registered and used, increasing from 8.5 million vehicles in 1421 to 15 million vehicles in 1432. In addition to increasing rates of growth in the import of cars, where the number of imported 211 thousand cars in 2000 cars rose to 982 thousand cars in 2012 ..
Road accidents are no longer limited to car accidents only, but extended to include trucks, wheels, motorcycles, trains and other incidents .. these incidents and lead to the occurrence of large and enormous human and economic losses often.
And road accidents are not be monopolized or confined to Saudi society, but it is a general phenomenon occur and spread in all urban environments, especially in the big cities .. where modern World Health Organization statistics indicate that each year die of about 1.3 million people as a result of road accidents and forecasts indicate that this number is likely to increase to two million dead in the year 2020 unless immediate and quick and strong action to improve traffic safety on the roads .. However, the World Health Organization reports that confirm that these incidents are more related to developing countries that contribute more than 90 percent of global deaths for road acciden