Emergency Helplines in Saudi Arabia

If you find yoursemergency-helplines-in-Saudi-Arabia[1]elf in trouble or in any type of emergency situation in Saudi Arabia. By calling to Emergency helplines may reduce the risk. My blog Saudi Arabian Travels sole purpose is to provide all basic information which may helps you to live  a comfort life in Saudi Arabia. Many of saudi expats and residents may don’t know the Emergency Helplines numbers especiall
y those who are travelers, tourist or foreign worker and labours. Here is the list of Emergency number which I make so save them in your mobiles.

Call Service Centers

Zain 959
Mobily 1100
STC 902

Ministries of Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 011-4055000
Ministry of Labour 011-2928888
Ministry of Health 011-4015555
Ministry of Hajj 011-4043008

Services of Government of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Electricity Customer Services  933
Saudi Water and Sewerage Services (Eastern Region)  939
Saudi Municipal Services  940

Saudi Natural Disasters  966

Police Helplines in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Police Force 999
Saudi Traffic Police Force  993
Saudi Border Checkpoint  994
Saudi Anti-Narcotics  995
Saudi Highway Traffic Police Force 996

More Emergency Numbers

Saudi General Intelligence Presidency  985
Meteorology Department 988
Saudi Public Security  989
Saudi Telephone Service for Security Issues 990
Saudi Passport(Jawazat)  992
Saudi Red Crescent  997
Najm Insurance Service Company  920000560