Criteria for hiring of New Teachers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Ministry of Education just make some new rules regarding criteria of hiring Teacher in Saudi Arabia. These rules are important for students, as their teacher mentality and psychological characteristics directly catches by students hence this could als make changes in personality of student. If teacher posses negative behavior than students may also catch negative things. Ministry of Education gives some criteria for hiring good teacher having no security problems, intellectual behavior, morally calm without any type of criminal records.

Ministry also have right to cancel the appointment of those teacher who have any security issues or posses dangerous and serious diseases.

These illness mainly includes psychological and mental issues. Teachers that caught in drug addiction also having those disease that require more than 60 days to cure such as chronic infections, tumors, tuberculosis, syphilis.

Teacher having lameness teacher unable to write and work with some disabilities like hand fracture etc.

Those who hide disabilities during interview and got hired, later may face lawful complications.

Health standards are really important that must be met, including good eye sight, ear sense, ability to identify colors, right blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, brain and all the other systems of the body.
If an applicant is under treatment,  will be given a period of 60 days to get treated and recover, after which he/she will be given the opportunity to apply for a job again.