These Cars Models Ban in Saudi Arabia

According to news published in موتري Motory KSA which states that “According to Head of the Automotive Committee at the Eastern Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Hani Al-Afaleq, there are about 37 models are now banned from entering the Saudi market following the adoption of CAFE fuel economy standard. Thees standard identify those cars who have lesser fuel economy.

All of these 37 models of different manufacturers were used cars. This means those who sell and buy these used cars in Saudi Arabia must  be aware of that. At the time during car import if dealer’s car is in the list of 37 cars than car may stuck at port hence it is huge lost of your investment, For more must visit CAFE website. Also you may find more information about fuel economy in KSA at Saudi Standard for Fuel Economy website

Here is the complete list of 37 vehicles ban in ksa:

car-ban-in saudi-arabia