Multiple Entry Visa Duration in Oman

oman multiple exit reentry visa rule

Ministry of Legal Affairs official announced relaxation in multiple entry visa for certain 38 countries. Now those people, tourists, and business person allowed stay in Sultanate of Oman for three months on multiple entry visa rather than previous rule of 3 weeks. These new rule of re entry visa make to give boost to Omani Economy as those person who travel to Oman for business purposes may stay longer hence have more time to analyze the business environment in Oman. On another end tourist who get re entry visa may also spend more time in Oman hence spending more money in Sultanate which increases the income of local and other businesses related to tourism industry in Oman.oman visa

Some countries in 38 list were still not approved but they are included in the list such as India. Tourism is one of the main and potential sector of Oman because places like Salalah have tropical climate with having fair amount of monsoon clouds during summer season which give Oman an amazing tourist destination especially for GCC residents who faces burning heat of Sun during summer days.

According to previous rule any tourist or business person who holds multiple exit reentry visa only given a stay for 21 days for first trip. But according to new rule they stay for  means they can stay for two (three-month) periods within a year.

Many of expert in Oman appreciate this Move as this allows investors to easily scout the business market of Oman. Also increases the Oman status for Ease in doing business around the world. But some persons said that 3 weeks are enough for analyzing the market same for tourist who want to see Oman’s tourist destination.

Currently there are 38 countries are in the list but approved countries are 22 some of them may get this benefit in near future. This rule is started implementation from 20 July, 2016.