Compensation on Death in Saudi Arabia

Compensation is something usually money is given to a person due to loss, injury, disability or death. All around the world compensation is given to employee or workers in case of any accident. Saudi Arabia(KSA) has also set laws about compensation so that any person who devoted his life towards his company or worked sincerely and dead while during completing his work may his family did not face any odd financial situation. His family compete basic needs such as education of children. The family of dead person not only claim compensation from sponsor(kafil) but also in case of murder and accident they claim compensation form murderer or the person who did the accident. Compensation is subject to Islamic Laws in Saudi Arabia Must acknowledge yourself of all os these islamic Laws regarding compensation and Diya. Let go through some situations of compensation.death compensation in KSA

Death During at Work:

General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is an state agency how implements social insurance for saudi nationalists, non nationalist and GCC nationalists. GOSI currently implemented 84 months of salary as compensation but based on last 3 month average salary and maximum amount is Saudi Riyal 330,000 as compensation is given to family of deceased person.

Death of Government Employee:

If dead person is a Government employee than compensation granted to family is SR 100,000 same as in case of disability while work said by ministry of civil services.

End of Service Benefits on Death:

Before burying the body of worker it is responsibility of sponsor(Kafil) or Employer that he deposit end of service benefits. Ministry of labor than send the money back to dead person native country. In case sponsor is refused to give the End of service benefits than you have to file case against the sponsor in Saudi Arabian courts.

In case of UnNatural Death:

The rule of Blood Money(DIYA) is implemented in this case. If a person dies because of some accident or murder than the person who commit the crime must have to face death execution otherwise if the family of dead person is ready to take money than murderer must have to pay SR 400,000 while in case of accident 300,000 SR is payable to Family. This amount of Blood Money is set by Government of Saudi Arabia.

Important Rule For Non Muslim Death:

If the person dead is Non Muslim and his family or legal heirs want compensation than this is impossible as any non muslim not take anything from muslim whether it is Blood Money(Diya) or End of service benefits. Saudi Govenement will also not be able to realease an funds for non muslims for more must discuss with this issue with any good legal advisor in Saudi Arabia.