How to Apply For Bahrain eVisa Online

Bahrain a small Island country but rich in oil reserves has announces online e-visa system on october 1st 2014 through which applicants now easily apply for embassy visa processing online this service was previously available for 38 but now has been extended to 102 country. The also facilitate several nationalists to apply for multiple re-entry visa. From the list of eligible countries 66 nationalist can get visa-on-arrival from which most countries are GCC. This e-visa service provides extra features to sponsors and companies those who want to apply visa for workers and laborers. The system supports several types of visa such as visit, Tours, trips and business visas. Through this e-system applicant can get visa through embassy and visa on arrival as well as via internet also. But you must have to know whether you country has been eligible for that service on not for the list given on

How to Get Bahrain Visa Through

The Process is looks very simple online but getting visa especially of complex nature is always difficult

  1. The first thing you always remember to check whether you country is eligible for Bahrain Visa or not for this first check eligibility on the list of countries given on website.
  2. Now at top left of website click on Button “Apply for E-visa”
  3. After that a new window is opened which says pleases answer the following questions which were simple just complete the option to get into next section.apply visa online
  4. Now after clicking on next button a section is appears which says “From the information you have supplied, you are eligible to apply for the following visa types:”
  5. This list displays visa type number whether it supports multiple entry or not or options for obtaining visa via embassy or internet and get visa on arrival Click on you preferred
  6. If you choose Visa on Arrival you have to pay fee of visa on airport or at border.
  7. If you select Via Embassy than this service in only available for GCC countries.
  8. And on selecting Via Internet  a disclaimer will be open must read and understand this whole passage and than click on agree. Now feed all details such as passport number, nationality, DOB, country occupation etc and than click on next button As I am not apply so I don’t know what happens next.
  9. After successful submission of application wait for visa process to complete.

If you are sponsor or having a company and hiring workers from other countries and want to apply for their visa than you have to registered with Bahrain E-visa system for this you have to submit an on-line application to NPRA, and provide all documentation, including CPR numbers for those staff that will use the system.

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