Job Change Transfer of Sponsorship with Tanazul

Tanazul Transfer of sponsor in ksa

Expats living in Saudi Arabia requires Tanazul when they want to transfer their sponsorship(Kafeel)/Muqeem Card they do this as they want to left current job and start a new job with under sponsorship of any other Kafeel. In short the definition of Tanazul is to transfer from one sponsor to another or one employer to another same for companies. Previously the process of Tanazul is mess and take very long time but due to modern e-system used in MOI website the process has been now easy and more quick.

If you want to make tanazul i.e transfer to a new sponsor or company than follow the steps given below:

1. Your new kafeel/sponsor or company has to request the ministry of labour online for transfer.
2. This request is received by you current kafeel who approved this request online.
3. Once the request from new kafeel is approved by current kafeel your transfer is successfuly make.
4. This transfer is done by ministry of labor and new link is shown on your MOI abshir account.
5. Now it is on new sponsor to deposit the transfer fee against you muqeem card(iqama no).
6. After than you new sponsor submit form with 2 passport size photo, original passport, ans original muqeem card.
7. Jawazat office will now confirm the transfer and issue a new muqeem card with new Kafeel.
The process takes few days usually 1-3 but some of process can take longer due to laziness of Jawazat or hr department.

The transfer fee for tanazul is not equal for first time transfer you have to pay 2000 saudi riyal, second time SR 4000 and thrid time SR 6000. These payment is payable online.

Also must clearly keep in mind all of these rules:

There should no any traffic violation at the time of transfer if exist clear them
No any type of criminal offence on you
The profession should also matched by the company business
Your fingerprints must be approved.
In past if you make changes in Passport(Naqal Maloomat) than must take all of previous passports with yourself.