Ban on Working Under the Sun for Labourers in Saudi Arabia

To reduce the severe and harmful affects of Scorching sun in Summer MOL bans employing of labourers at open areas the starts every year from the date when summer is at its extent. This year 2017 every employer from June 15 to September 15 must not ask the labourers to work under Sun from 12:00Pm to 3:pm and must take extra measures for those working on hard labor jobs especially during the holy month of Ramadan 2017.
The ban is only for area where temperature are rising during the day, last year Ministry Of Labor and Social Development caught 258 violation from different companies from around kingdom.
If labourers are asked to do work in Soaring temperature than they must unitedly file complaint  at labour court of their company.
As Sun did not go after 3 pm it is clear directive from Ministry of Labour and Social development to take extra measure for safety of worker such as setting up emergency camp at working site, cold water facility, fans etc.
Weather changes, if the temperature become down due to rain, Storms, clouds the employer is allowed to take work from his labourers during ban hours.
The step is extra ordinary as this can make labourers happy and they can do good work in best suitable temperature.
Heat Stroke is a major issue now-a-days in many Middle east and South Asian countries, it is better to keep yourself and fellows aware of this ban.