Apply for Oman Evisa Online

Royal Omani Police launches a new visa application system for Individuals and Companies for application of unsponsored visa and sponsoring visa for person visiting to Oman. By registering firms and companies with e-visa can ease procedure require for getting omani visa.

Following Visa Types were applied through Oman E-visa

1. Resident Sponsored visas: Residency in Oman through Sponsor
2. Resident Unsponsored visas: Residency in Oman without Sponsor
3. Visit Sponsored visas: Visitor of Oman through Sponsor
4. Visit Unsponsored visas: Visitor of Oman without Sponsor

The Resident Sponsored visa includes most of work and family purpose visa. Below are Resident Sponsored visas

Short Work Visa, Investor Visa, Employment Visa With Endorsee, Employment Visa, Housemaid Visa, Property Owner Joiner’s Visa, Citizen’s Wife Visa, Family Joining Visa, Relative Joining Visa, Student Visa

While there is only one type of visa allowed in Resident Unsponsored which Property Owner Visa this visa Allows residency in Oman for a foreign owner of a housing unit in an approved tourist complex in Oman by the approving authority.

While Visitor visa are mostly for tourism purpose, family visit visa can also be applied though Oman e visa.

How to Apply:

To apply the applicant must be passport holder in case if he/she apply visitor visa residing in foregin country with or without spsonsor only certain countries nationalist were allowed to get visa without sponsor.

Those Applicant having Omani Resident card holder (expatriates) can also register with E-visa system and apply for their family Joining and Visit Visa of Oman.

Omani Companies, citizens, firms, organization can apply for numerous types of visa such as employment visa, housemaid visa, short work visa etc.

Register with Oman Evisa as a User:

After Registration you can apply e visa of Oman.