Procedure for Attestation of Degree from Saudi Cultural Attache

First of All congrats to all those expatriates who got a new job in Saudi Arabia or might be moving forward toward higher positions in their careers. Degree Attestation is a major work to be done for getting any professional job in foreign country especially those who graduated with higher degrees. In Saudi Arabia degree attestation is requires as a proof for profession as well as if employee want to change his profession according to his degree. It is also mandatory for Saudi Council of Engineers registration. Family permanent visa also requires attestation of degrees. The attestation is officially done by Saudi Cultural Attache and Saudi Embassy in applicant native country. Below the procedure is shared by an Indian but it might be useful for other countries as well.

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  1. Applicant need to submit original as well as copies of their degrees to Saudi Cultural Attache(SACA)
  2. On first the SACA only requires copies of degrees which they send to university for verification. This is most time consuming process especially if the university is already in some kind of issues which delays the verification for months.
  3. After the verification from institute or university is completed SACA ask the application to submit original degree for attestation.
  4. It is than attested by SACA and send to Saudi Embassy for further attestation if everything goes smooth it may take at least 15 days for process to be completed.

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Some points to be Noted:

Usually the most time consuming process is verification of degrees  from universities, few year back people or agents themselves verify the degrees and submit them to SACA due to which many fake degree holders enters in to the market of Saudi Arabia. That is way SACA take verification from universities very seriously. SACA attestation procedure is now very confidential So, it is better not to pay extra to agents for speeding up the process because they also don’t know why the attestation is delay.

Try to follow up the university and if you have contact in registrar office ask them to verify degrees as soon as possible when SACA contacts them. The normal procedure of attestation may take 2 to 4 months.