Apply UAE Visit Visa For GCC Residents

The nationalists and Expatriates who were residents of GCC countries can now provided with online system through which they can get entry permit for UAE through Dubai. As GCC residents facing various problems when entring in to UAE so, this online system make the entry of GCC residents lot more easy and hassle free. Also many of Residents faces hours of waiting while getting visit visa to UAE this system allow them to directly access their visit visa processing.

The system equipped with online payment solution which will help GCC residents to pay their visit visa fee online without standing in long queues for payment of their visa fees. Officials said that this system mandatory for all visa applications from GCC Residents.

How to Apply for UAE visit Visa Online:

  1. Go to the official website of general directorate of Residency affairs DubaiĀ
  2. On the left side click on GCC individuals.
  3. This will redirects you to the site of MOI uae i.e GDRFA.AE. To apply for visit visa of 30 days you now first need to register with gdrfa after that you could apply for visa.GCC residents Visit visa
  4. Here if you don’t understand Arabic translate them in to English from top address bar(chrome only)
  5. Fill all the details such as trip information duration of stay visa type.

How to Check Status of Your Visa Applicationgcc-visa-status

It is easy to check status of your visit visa application just go to than again click on GCC individuals which will redirects you to where at the right side click on Query the Status of Request but first must translate the page in to English language for better understanding.