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Today we will screen out the information about MOI KSA what is its purpose in KSA and what services is provided by MOI KSA to the Saudi Iqama holders. The Wikipedia states that MOI in Saudi Arabia is responsible for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in Saudi Arabia. The Headquarters of MOI is situated in Olaya Riyad while its current Minister is Prince Muhammad bin Nayef. The first minister of MOI is Abdullah bin Faisal Al Saud which is son of King Faisal. MOI responsible for one of the core functions in Saudi Arabia. MOI KSA has developed really strong reputation among local people of KSA as well Expats. Many of foreigners must visit one time MOI KSA website to get information provided by MOI usually in the form of Digital database. MOI provided huge amount of E-services to expats and their sponsors.

Some of the detail e-services and their procedure were also given here on my Website Such as checking whether your iqama muqeem card is valid or not checking expiry date of yours iqama, payments of many other services. MOI KSA helps you to complete many procedure without going to MOI offices such as renew vehicle insurance, renew istamara of vehicle. In regards of traffic related inquires MOI KSA lets you to check you traffic violation number and fines.

As you can submit payments for services like iqama renew or vehicle insurance so every iqama holder can enter funds in their card. MOI KSA lets you to check how much funds were available in your iqama card. For hajj related service you can check status of you hajj permit Tasreeh or check that if you eligible for Hajj or not.

Health insurance can also be renewd easily through the MOI KSA e-services. Some of the services required you to register MOI Absher Account on after successfully making of account you will be able to get many other benefits. MOI absher account provides you every information which is under your Iqama such as you can see the list of your dependands you can book istiqdam online appointment to get permanent family visa of Saudi Arabia.

Those who want to check their status of sponsorship change or profession change than moi ksa is a place where you can find these services easily just by entering your iqama number. check your profession change on MOI ksa. If your baby is born in KSA or in your own country and want to make iqama of your new born baby than you have to book online an appointment for birth certificate on MOI ksa. If you want to know which Nitaqat category color is it red green yellow? you can easily check by entering you sponsor iqama number or company iqama number.

The services provided by MOI ksa were really easy to do and you just need a basic understanding of computer and internet. Usually moi e-services required your iqama number so it is better to make an account on moi to get access to most of the services provided by moi. Most of sponsor make account on moi so that they can easily check the status of thier workers iqama and other related things. So after reading the article must go to to get inquiry about you related problems.