How to Check Status of Saudi Iqama Profession Change

How to Check the status of profession Change of Iqama/muqeem in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of expats living in Saudi Arabia get their status of profession change due to job promotions, academic excellence, and getting a new job. Many engineers in Saudi Arabia when registered themselves with Saudi Engineers Council could also required to change their profession that was written on their ID card/Iqama. Saudi Arabian Government provides facilities that uses modern world technology to make the profession change lot more easier than before no need to ask your sponsor for every little information.

Check of Your Iqama Expiry and Validity Online

In this regard ministry of interior website is pioneer in such advanced technology that uses amazing web base programs to handle different kinds of inquiries generated from both expats and Saudi nationalists. The online status check facility provides major updates that were happening on your profession change application. Checking the status of profession change can provide you a necessary information that may help you if any type of hassle is occur.

1. First you have to create Absher account on if you do not registered an account make a new account of abher moi. Or already have an account than login to you account.
2. After logging in Click in My dashboard situated at the right top of moi website.What is your profession in Saudi Arabia iqama
3. Just see on left side of moi where all of your information is given here you see whether the Profession name is old or new if the profession name is new one than it means you profession is change and you have to pick up a new Iqama muqeem card.

The profession check is now complete we will come back soon with more article on profession change just comment below if you find difficulty in above procedure.