8 Easy Steps To Apply for Bahrain Flexi Permit

A new term is moving all around  now-a-days is Flexi Permit, a permit which allows applicant to freely engage in job without any employer as well as can work for more the 1 job without permission of employer. Only eligible persons can get this permit.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Non-Bahraini Worker who were terminated by employers and their worker permit is terminated.
2. Expatriates workers having expired work permit and not renewed by his sponsor.

3. Flexi permit is for all nationalities

Flexi Permit Types:

1. Flexi Permit(Normal) This permit holder can work in non-specialized jobs and cannot work in Restaurants, Saloons and Hotels.
2. Flexi Permit(Hospitality) Usually for those working hospitality industry, holder can worker in non-specialized jobs as well as restaurants, saloons, and hotels.

How to Apply for Flexi Permit?

Don’t worry if you don’t have terminated or expired work pirmet just follow the guidelines:

  1. Applicant must have valid passport having 6 months validiy.
  2. Send SMS by using your own number. Enter your CPR number and send it to lmra 33 150 150
  3. LMRA will authenticate your number and check if you are eligible for flexi permit.
  4. You will receive a call from LMRA asking you to confirm date and time of appointment at lmra office.
  5. A new sms with confirmation of Appointment will send to applicant.(Do not delete any SMS of LMRA)
  6. After getting appointment confirmation take all necessary documents and visit LMRA office at sitra industrial area at given time and date.
  7. Document at lmra: Take Passport valid for 6 months, Confirmation SMS,  Fee 450 BD.

8. FEES:

Keep in mind every applicant also need to pay separate fee of BD 30 per months otherwise their permit will cancelled.
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