What are Salary Delay Fines on Employers in Saudi Arabia?

Ministry of labor will as per new statement will impose fine on those employer and companies who delay the salaries of Saudi Citizens and foreign workers. SAR 5000 fines will be put if its found any delay in Salaries as per WPS(Wage Protection System) as well as if any employee lodge a complaint in labor Dispute Court.

MOL starts WPS to give protection to the rights of Saudi and expat employees, this system will track down any case related to salary delay. From the year 2015 MOL takes action against these companies and employer and stopped  profession changes and transfers for private companies due to violated of laws.

Also if Employer hold Partial or full Salary SAR 5000 Penalty  will Paid by Employer.

Any company now fail to give data of last 2 or more months than services given to companies from government will be stopped. After seeing the case employee of that company will allowed to change their employer and move to new company.

GOSI a General Organization for Social Insurance also puts penalty of 10000 SAR if  they didn’t able to enroll employee in the system, many employers also try to avoid enrolling the employees to run away from any penalties in case of delayed salaries.


Do you Know What is Wage Protection System WPS in Saudi Arabia

Starts in the year of 2013 MOL implemented Wage protection System phase by phase to those companies and employers have more than 3000 workers. These phase at that time further implemented in 2015 and 2016 as many 10 phases was implemented.