11 Best Varieties of Dates to Buy in Saudi Arabia

People before travelling to Saudi Arabia usually asked by their relatives not to forget to buy dates, Muslims considered Saudi Dates as pure due to the trees roots were grown in one of the holiest lands for Muslims, while travelers from other nations consider them a cultural food of Saudi Arabia and must be tasted if anyone get chance to visit kingdom. To help visitors and tourist we build up the list of different varieties that were unique and some are only found in Saudi Arabia.

Ajwa Dates: The very first choice you must make while buying dates is Ajwa Khajoor(Dates), one of the most renouned variety with smother textures and sweetness. The whole Ajwa date has benefits even its inner seed after making powder is consumed due to its health properties. Ajwa is also acknowledge in Tib-e-Nabvi and several Hadiths.

Anbara Dates: If you don’t like inner seed to be stuck in your gums than this variety is best as it contains smaller seeds while more outer layer hence give heavy amount of energy to consumer. It is expensive yet worth because of more fruit layer.

Medjools Dates: Medjools are large, plump date with a soft and succulent flesh that are once crowned the fruit of kings. Brusting with a deep and delicious caramel flavor, medjools are a perfect snack a healthy pudding or a delicious accompaniment to a cup of coffee.

Barhi: A variety usually not fully ripped and has yellowish color, the taste is less smooth but more crunchy. It is sold before ripped with branches as well as when ripe in boxes. It is cheaper and less in weight due to less amount of sugar in it.

Safawi Dates: These are much like Ajwa in color(Black), with benefits same as ajwa it is considered as alternative. The texture is soft and smooth, even if touches gives the feel of softness.  Contains high amount of minerals and proteins and good for person having weak body.

Saghai: Mostly cultivated in the area of Riyadh has mild softer texture and crispy taste. These are less yellowish and more brownish finish.

Khudri Dates: Khudri dates are long lasting date as it maintains its freshness for long time and also a most exported variety from Saudi Arabia. The benefits were same of rest of dates, it has sweet taste but the texture is dry and requires little effort for chewing them.

Sokari: Saudi Arabian regions are each defined for its own varieties this variety is grown in area of Al Qasim, sweeter yet crisper with health benefits for weakness, teeth, blood pressure and stress.

Zahidi: This variety has more rounded shape with gold skin. These are more tougher to chew and dry containing more fiber amount.

Kholas: These date are golden brown in color with losse skin, tasting them gives sweet and caramel feel, more good if you eat them with Arabic coffee.

Fardh: This variety is grown in bordering areas of UAE and Saudi Arabia or Eastern Province, having tender skin, oval shape, sweet flavor with small seeding.