Book Appointment with Jawazat in Amnesty Scheme

Upon starting of amnesty scheme from March 29 huge queues starts to build up in front of Jawazat Offices all around kingdom, the violators of residency and labor laws get benefit from amnesty scheme and respectfully go back to their home countries and came back on new visa as well as those who should transfer their iqama to new sponsor were also allowed to do the next procedure.

Authorities taking steps to coup up the huge rush of applicants, while after seeing the queues it is made cleared that Makkah region has largest number of violators.

To avoid huge queues at offices, Jawazat ask violators to book Online Appointment using moi website, by this it is made easy to speed up the process of exit visa for violators.

  1. Go to Ministry of Interior Official Website or Visit This page directly.
  2. Under Electronic Inquires, hover on passport tab
  3. Than click on Book an Appointment.
  4. A new page opened in which enter your Iqama Number, Date of Birth you can select hijri and Georgian, and Image code.


The above procedure can used for those having  Huroob cases,Hajj, Fingerprint violation, Iqama Expired .Visit Visa expire And Umrah Visa violators.