10 Rules for Maternity Leave Under Saudi Labor Law

Whatever world says but Saudi Authorities try to employ women in suitable sectors, to promote good work environment for Women Saudi Labor Ministry make certain laws in the benefit of working women. These laws are also for normal workers but in case of women that may be have some different regulation. Maternity leave like all other developed countries is meant for women so that in this mean time she could take proper care of herself and upcoming child.

These Are the Rules for Maternity Leave under Saudi Labor Laws:

  1. Medical care expenses during pregnancy and delivery expenses of women employee is responsibility of Employer. Article 153
  2. The total leave of 10 week is must be given to women. 4 week before the delivery and 6 weeks after the real date of delivery. Article 151
  3. The delivery date is must be in correspondence with the date stated in Medical Certificate of a child.
  4.  The whole 10 weeks must be paid but in case if women want to to extend the leave she is allowed for 30 more days but this will be unpaid leave. Article 151
  5. In case the child born with special needs or with some special conditions that requires attention and need proper caretaker than women can extend maternity leave for 1 months which will be paid, but if the child is still in critical condition she can take 1 month more leave which will be unpaid. Article 151
  6. If the child is sick or requires medical treatment with proper care than women can extend maternity leave for 1 months which will be paid which will again extend to 18 weeks unpaid or paid.
  7. Materniry Leave of 10 week or extended paid leave must be paid with full benefits.
  8. Break Hours: After maternity leave in order for taking care of new born baby employer must give female employee 1 hours break or more than the time of actual break hours.Article 154
  9. Termination of Job during Pregnancy: Like many countries it is not allowed to terminate female employees within 180 days before expected date of delivery in Saudi Arabia Article 156. Except the conditions stated in Article 80 and 157. Employer also did not terminate female employee during maternity leave. Employer is not allowed to terminate female employee during illness due to pregnancy but the period of absentee should not exceeds 180 days(Article 155 and 156)
  10. (Article 157): Women during his maternity leave if proved to be working for other employer than current employer recover all the salary paid during her maternity leave.