10 Best Family and National Parks in Saudi Arabia

Parks and public gardens are the outlet for many people to get rid of life pressures polluted  atmosphere and life enclosed inside homes and apartments to return to the nature, Saudi Arabia has focused years ago to set up many of the parks and gardens of the highest aesthetic standard and equipped with all sorts of well-being to allow for fun hiking and enjoy nature with the establishment roads to facilitate access to those parks, and just like in the UK, many of these wonderful parks that rival the most beautiful places and enumerate the best parks to serve as a guide for visitors inside the kingdom.


1.Park Olaya District Library حديقة المكتبة حي العليا: Located north of King Fahd Library in Riyadh, a beautiful garden with landscaping crowned by an artificial lake and three fountains stretching with natural stones and pours a waterfall in the form of arcs of the top structure of the concrete in front of the main door, and they spread the seats on those fountains, It permeates the corridors and garden of a broad sandy brick brightly colored, and contains the park on 6 Specialty children ‘s games, three on the north side of the park and two on the south side and the sixth by electric amusement.

2. Almakhruq Park منتزه جبل أبو مخروق حي الضباط : There is the Saladin district Malaz Riyadh Road, and is believed to Almakhruq to be old from accumulations of rocky sedimentary be graded above the summit normal gap, the more rocky the progressive nature of the mountain distinctive character of the park, in addition to the pond in eastern Garden and  a set of waterfalls, and in the south side of the park range from children ‘s games inside the green surfaces surrounded by pools planted flowers and shrubs.

3. Al Watan Park Al Futah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia حديقة الوطن: One of the areas most attractions for families in Arabia, because there is the green spaces surrounding areas safe children ‘s games, which distinguishes it and increase the reputation and presence of Riyadh tower in the middle of the park, and canals and waterfalls base of the tower, and there are the shops and the restaurants area, with the possibility of the rise of visitors to the top of the tower and sit in its internal Hall, with fun watching Riyadh landmarks from the top of the tower, the park dedicated for hiking and travel between postpone boats, and in the garden chalets with traditional designs and a theater for concerts and festivals and games for children.

4. Wonderful park at Abha منتزه رائع بالباحة : Mediates with the mountains that drain  water springs therefore is the most beautiful tourist areas in the region, is a popular destination for young people and families in the summer, due to his beauty of greenery and fresh air amid green mountains, and increased the attractiveness of the place  when its rainfall the smell of rain with greenery topped by clouds and fog on the mountain tops.

5. Raghadan Forest Park Abha منتزه غابة رغدان بالباحة:  There is a famous Raghadan, a wonderful family amusement park, where the harmony of nature with the magic of the fog on the top of the mountain, the resort with 50 villas overlooking the forest, which is the same distinct hotel services, where culinary delicacies serves in, and the finest services were available.

6.Aseer National Park, King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Shifa, Abha منتزه عسير الوطني: is the first nature reserve for wild plants and animals was established as the first national park in the Kingdom in 1401, an estimated area of 455,000 hectares, and is packed  with birds of prey, hyenas, wolves, foxes and nearly 300 species of birds, and increased the beauty of the place nature composed of volcanic rocks known Arabian shield with vegetation cover of juniper trees chives thick.

7. Al Habla National Park منتزه الحبله : Just 40 km away from main Abha City, part of this park is located in a deep pit , ranging from 170 to 300 m, and the ropes are the only means to move to the region ‘s population, and is one of the most important attractions of what gave him the nature of the drilling in the mountains vertically 2000 m above sea level , making it possible to enjoy the picturesque areas of the old village of Habla, the cable car project opened in 1415, and provided the cable ride to tourists.

8. Dulghan Park منتزه دلغان : One of the best parks the Asir region, is located 27 km south – west city of Abha, on 440 hectares of plains that spread out the rocks and trees , acacia and Acacia algae, mediates in the park Valley Delgan clear water which increases the place beauty, and there is the park trails and camps and spacious playgrounds buffets and communication centers and escorts for visitors, as provided network asphalt roads to facilitate access to him.

9. Park , Prince Saud bin Jalawi Al Khobar حديقة الامير سعود بن جلوي: is one of the largest parks located the area, which mediates the region with an area of more than 78,000 m, and increase green spaces on 48 900 m, has an arcade and wooden umbrellas to sit on with service facilities and cafeterias.

10.Hanging AlHuda معلقة الهدا: It is in Taif region, a tourism project linking AlHuda top and bottom which isalong the 4,200 carts cable car, it is the tallest project pending in the Middle East for the cable vehicles, the project of 52 trolley is composed, restaurants open theater for festivals and concerts, shops and the children ‘s games, stretched out on green places, also includes the village of tourist hit – city water games, summer skiing, surrounded by heritage buildings housing commensurate with the beautiful nature of the place.