9 Things for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Saudi Arabia

Lot of expatriates who didn’t have enough money to buy a new car in Saudi Arabia usually make deal of Old car after that they need to transfer the ownership istamara of car to himself. This article is for both seller and buyer which tells the procedure and requirements to transfer change the vehicle ownership in Saudi Arabia. Also it is really good to fix all the violation on your name as if you don’t clear all the violations and their fines than both buyer and seller may face difficulties in procedure of Ownership transfer.transfer-ownership-of-car-in-ksa

  1. The First thing is to buy a used car.
  2. Now after buying get all the details of person from whom you buy.
  3. The fee for transferring ownership is SR 400 with vehicle insurance of SR 750.
  4. Now both Buyer and seller have to visit muroor office from here the vehicle transfer will be started.
  5. At Muroor Haraj they ask for original iqama, Istamara (Vehicle Registration) or Driving license.
  6. After a few minutes they check your documents.
  7. Then both seller and buyer receives SMS from MOI that your vehicle is tranferred and for buyer that Vehicle is transferred on your name.
  8. Muroor Office keeps old registration card of vehicle and Istamara of Seller. And hand over you with detail print of  car registration number
  9. Now visit any Muroor office at your city to get vehicle registration card or istimara.

The above procedure is of Muroor Office but there is some private offices were also available which tranfer Vehicle ownership on fast track basis. The insurance fee is same but ownership transfer fee is 550 SR instead of 400 SR.

Just gives and show them same documents and buyer will be able to get new registration card from same office after 24 hours.