Tallest flagpole in the world Jeddah Guinness Book of Records

The tallest flagpole in the world is located in Jeddah, a length exceeding 171 meters, Jeddah also having record in 1980 in the world’s tallest fountain rising 312 meter.

The flagpole has second highest rise in Jeddah after King Fahd fountain.
And has shown that the highest project of flagpole in the world is one of the initiatives adopted by the ALJ Abdul Latif Jameel Community and social cooperation with the Jeddah Municipality.


This flagpole is  national landmark of Saudi Arabia, socially and historically distinct mediates in the King Abdullah Square in central Jeddah, up in the sky more than 171 meters, the size of flag of 49.5 m in length and 33 m wide, with a total area amounted to 1635 square meters, and weighing 570 kg, and over an area of 26 thousand square meter.


The field of Flagpole

The field around flagpole contains the largest official logo of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (swords and Palm), which as per the length of the sword at 75 meters and 85 meters along the Palm, noting that the field area equivalent to 50 percent of a football field.

Characteristics of Flagpole:

Flagpole is of an integrated architecture to what was used in the creation of advanced and modern engineering methods is also a great tourist attraction for the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Flagpole is made of iron on a cylindrical shape, and the amount of iron used by nearly 500 tons, have been implemented spacious enough to contain the project’s services, and the possibility of going up to a higher force to do any maintenance required, also several systems used  in this flagpole, including the unit load and control of the rotation of the flag according to the wind direction, and a system to measure the direction and speed of wind, humidity and the intensity of the rain, and the lighting system warning aircraft, the system to absorb vibrations caused by the wind and the stability of the speed of the flagpole, and the system of fire resistance inside the flagpole.

The flag was entered in Guinness Book of Records on September 23 2014 and until now it is still a World Longest Flagpole.

Here is the Video of Flagpole