Want to Get Bonus Salary in Saudi Arabia Here are The Conditions

Conditions were set by the Ministry of Civil service to those government employees who want to get awarded with bonuses and incentives.

The circular regarding bonus salary of government departments is distributed. In which the bonus is only given to employees who implement the department objectives, follow rules, serves public, hard worker,employee who provide better ideas for improvement of department, take useful initiatives and fulfill the objectives of Vision 2030.

Employees are part of an organization it is duty of them to warn about any dangers and problems in policies. Informing to relative authorities as well as propose measures which will taken to improve organization structure. Employees who were skillful and capabilities with hard working for long hours. Will be eligible to get Bonuses and incentives.

Every department must saves budget for payment of bonuses to these hard working employees. Total payment of bonus should not exceed 35 percent of money allocated for recruiting workers.


The bonus is given according to the performance of last two years in employment. Bonus is equal to 75% of employee’s Salary. Bonus is not a part of Salary and given only six bonuses in a year. Every Department have to consider mechanism of bonuses according to their org tasks.