Visa on Arrival of New Born Baby to Saudi Arabia

Keeping in view of concentration of Indians live in Saudi Arabia, Indians family members visit Saudi Arabia everyday. In these family member one member which is very important is cute newly born baby like all babies he/she also need his father to learn, enjoy, to understand one of the most precious relation in world. The good news is that father don’t need to make visa for his newly born (less than 6 months of age) baby before arriving in kingdom, the visa could be stamped from airport in Saudi Arabia which is called On Arrival Visa. Many Indians and expatriates coming to Saudi Arabia confused about the procedure they have to follow in order to bring baby on arrival visa.

The procedure is actually not difficult and it is usually same for other countries than India. To bring baby in Saudi Arabia on arrival visa it is mandatory that newly baby born baby must be less than SIX months old. This is latest procedure 2017 we got from various sources.

Documents Required:

Make available following docs while making of visa.

Original child’s passport

Air tickets

Mother Passport With Visa

Father Iqama

Original Birth Certificate attested from Saudi Embassy with Arabic translation(Agents may charge 3000 to 2500INR for this)

Polio Vaccination Certificate (required for some countries while making Iqama of baby)


While travelling to Saudi Arabia with family chose Saudi Airlines as this best option for families.

On Indian Airport:

After arriving At immigration on Indian Airport, they ask for child visa just tell them that you can stamp the visa on arrival at Saudi Airport. The will check all of your passports, birth certificate of baby, and put departure stamp from India.

On Saudi Airport:

At immigration counter on Saudi Airports, Tell them that the baby is less than six months old and stamp the visa on arrival.

The person sitting on counter may direct you another counter(JAWAZAT COUNTER) for stamping of visa on arrival, after 15 minute they put Entry visa stamp and write two number Visa number and Border number.

Sometime they ask for birth certificate attested from Saudi Embassy and translated to Arabic for their understanding. (It is now mandatory)

Must ask them to link border number with father iqama number as it will show on father abshir account after iqama is made for baby, otherwise you have to come back again on airport for linking the border number.

After that leave the airport without any type of hesitation and follow the method to make new iqama for your baby if baby born outside the kingdom.

Stamping of Baby Visa within India:

The another procedure to get visa for infant is from home country or from Saudi Embassy in India. On arrival visa is only for infants having age less than 6 months if the age is more than 6 months than parents have to stamp the visa from Saudi embassy.

To get this hire a local agent he will charge some 6000 to 8000 rupees, they may charge more if your require visa urgently. Otherwise you have to follow the long procedure to get visa of baby.
Some Questions and Answers

1. If mother is working in any ministry in saudi Arabia and father is arriving on Visit Visa of KSA? Is they allow to get visa on arrival for baby?

Now its Mother Iqama to linked with baby, tell officer at immigration to link border number of baby with mother iqama.

2. What if baby visa is already made before going to Saudi Arabia? Are they ask for birth certificate at immigration?

If baby visa is already stamped from home country you don’t need to show birth certificate at immigration. Just go through the procedure to make iqama.

3. Any penalty if the age of child become more than 1 year?

Yes most people don’t know as if the baby crosses 1year of age then you need to pay a penalty of 1000SR for his visa.