Beware of Fake Notices about Expat Monthly Fee

From several days our Social Media Members is message some notices which they get from their friends or fellows about starting of new expat fee from Jan 2017 which were totally fake which were just posted to promote their pages and for other norms. But the truth about these notices  is half only the starting period of these fee as wrong/fake you might see the below screenshot in which a notice states the monthly fee is for those who arriving in Saudi Arabia from January.


Yes the fee is true but dates are wrong, the Actual true starting date of these fee on expat will start form JULY 1st 2017 not from January 2017 and on companies from 2018.

As expatriates in Saudi Arabia is already in really confused situation as well as in stress due to upcoming fee especially those with families they take these notices seriously and also share with others. The main problem is that this fake information is than used by fraud agents who told normal people that they have to pay fee in order to get job or bring family in kingdom even yet the fee is still not implemented. A little misinformation can cause huge financial loss of normal people.

New Dependent Monthly fee on expats will start from July and On Companies from Jan 2018 

Find More About the New Expat Monthly fee on Dependents and on Companies

The Fee will be paid with Iqama while making and Renewal

One more thing expatriate must have to clear that the new monthly fee is on dependents only not for single individual working in Saudi Arabia, Also the companies have to pay this fee from their own pocket they didn’t allow to take fee from employees.

Well keep yourself safe and don’t share fake notices until you find them on competent sources like Newspapers or Media websites that were really authentic.

Must Share this Information to your friends and fellows in Saudi Arabia