Vehicle Registration Renewal Online in Bahrain

Bahrain Government provided easy access to services through its e-government portal one of these are traffic related online services which were affiliated with  General Directorate of Traffic which allows Bahraini citizens as well as expats to check and pay their fines, as well as renewal of vehicle registration online service.


Terms and Conditions for Vehicle Registration Renewal Online:

  • Renewal should be applied 3 months prior to the actual expiry date.
  • New Vehicle didn’t need inspection but vehicle more than 5 year old requires inspection before renewal process to start.
  • Late Fine of 500fils will be imposed for each day after 7th day from expiry date till 40 days after that fixed fine of BD 40 will be charged.
  • Insurance must be done, from third party insurance company or other. Which valid for one year starting from the month when vehicle registered.
  • Try to avoid fines before as vehicle registration  cannot be renewed until you clear your Contravention. You could also Check Vehicle Fines Online Bahrain. Realted Post: Bahrain Check Vehicle Fines and Violation Online

Vehicle Registration Renewal Online:

  1. To Renew vehicle must be sure that you fullfil the above requirement, for older vehicles it is Good to follow the manual procedure.
  2. Visit Bahrain.Bh and change the language to English from upper left corner.
  3. Click on Top eServices and than on Vehicle Registration Renewal
  4. Again there are list of Services shows under General Directorate of Traffic Services Click on Vehicle Registration Renewal
  5. Now enter your vehicle details Enter you ID Number(personal Number) Vehicle Registration Number, Type and mode/year and click on continue.
  6. If you done your vehicle inspection and insurance than it might ask you for payment. For this you need to setup e-key account and connect it with your bank so that you can pay the fee as well as vehicle related fines. How to Make E-Key account
  7. You might also asked you to fill out the details of address so that you new registration Disk will be send to you through Bahrain Post. Track Bahrain POST Package Online