Using Mobile Traffic Violation Fine in KSA

traffic violation in ksa

In every country using mobile phone while driving a vehicle consider as major traffic violation same in KSA where accident rate is very high in such a low population where almost 7200 people were died due to road accident in a year. This figure is really alarming for Saudi Authorities. But the government make a step to control these accidents especially for those who use mobile while driving in KSA. Saudi Authorities make changes in the traffic laws due to which now any person uses mobile while driving will face 24 hours of jail and SR 15000 fine will be imposed.

How to Check Traffic Violation in MOI.GOV.SA

These new law changes were announced by ministry of interior MOI ksa to control excessive use of mobile while driving which in result of serious accident even death. According to Arab News 60 people were also faces above penalty of 24 hour jail in last month. For those who constantly break the law for over speeding i.e driving over speed of 160/km may also face the 24 hours jail law.

The new laws which was announced is almost seventy three from which Eleven traffic offences may led you 24 hours imprisonment these laws were implement for public safety and to reduce traffic accident these offences includes red light violation in KSA, Influence driving, Wrong side driving, Stunt driving and unclear number plates of vehicle.
If the vehicle of any person caught three time for over speeding can receive 3 text messages from the traffic police and then he will be asked to come to traffic police office if the person unable to attend office than his licence will be cancelled and penalty will be imposed.traffic violation in ksa

SR 500 with 24 hours Jail if caught for the first time
SR 1,500 with 24 hours Jail if caught second time
SR 15,000, 24 hours Jail and car will be confiscated by traffic police for 30 days if caught third time

Procedure for applying Driving licence in KSA
The traffic services was already blocked for many people due to high speed crossing 160 per hour every person who violates law number of time must have to attend traffic police office otherwise more services were blocked for the person in KSA such as for payment of online service on MOI.

The list of traffic violation in KSA is unlimited as the roads has less traffic due to low population with having very high speed modern cars. Many people breaks the laws without hesitation but this law absolutely make most of them shocking. See the list of traffic violations with fines in Moi ksa.