List of Traffic Violations and their Fines in Saudi Arabia

List of Traffic Violations Penalties in Saudi Arabia
If you violate any traffic law in Saudi Arabia and want to know what are their penalties than here I am giving a complete category wise list of those traffic violations with their fine and penalties. If you violate any traffic law than you can find your traffic violation using online at MOI website.

Some of Traffic Traffic Violations Download Full List from Below Link
Those who violate following laws have to face fine of SR 500 to 900 plus the vehicle is also be kept in police custody.
1. Driving a vehicle without driving license.
2. Driving a vehicle without number plates. (Vehicle will be kept in custudy)
3. Registration plates which were forged(Vehicle will be kept in custody)
4. No back number plate(Vehicle will be kept in custody)
5. Using illegal number plates(Vehicle will be kept in custody)
6. Fixing illegal parts or equipment on vehicles
7. If driver is driving vehicle under alcoholic or drug affects. The driver will no be allowed drive with warning and license will be taken from him.
8. Jumping Red light can cost you 6000SR fine with 24 hour of jail.
9. Driving in wrong way.
10. Driving fast.

11.To park vehicles or wait in front of entrances or exits of private residences, garages, petrol stations, hospitals, first aid centers, fire and police stations or military zones or educational institutions without permission. QR.300

12. To park vehicles or wait in the places where parking will obstruct the movement of other vehicles there. QR.300

13. To park vehicles or wait on the main section of the road nearby another parked vehicle. QR.300

14. To park vehicles or wait at waiting or parking prohibited areas. QR.300

15. To park vehicles or wait at places reserved for persons with special needs or for others. QR.500

16. To park vehicles or wait at paid parking without making payment. QR.300

17. To park vehicles or wait at paid parking beyond the time limit. QR.300

18. To obstruct the use of parking lots reserved for taxies or give rise for rush in front of it.QR.300

You can find list of all other Traffic violation with their fine at this link of MOI Saudi Arabia. ¬†Want to know more about new traffic laws and their fines than keep in touch with us and don’t forget to comment.

Download all Traffic Violations and Their Fine From Official MOI Website

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