US Visit Visa B2 from Saudi Arabia Interview Tips

Appearing in Interview of  Visit Visa B2 is almost a final step to make your dream true of Visiting United States. The interview is conducted to test the visitor and see through the details by facing in-front of applicant. USA has strict rules against those who overstay on Visas and do illegal things such as doing work on Visit Visa, to stop more violators that enter in USA, authorities set extra requirements in order to get USA Visa.

Interview Tips for Getting United States Visa from Saudi Arabia:

  • The first thing you must ensure to take required documents with your self, most of time they don’t question about documents but it is safe to keep them with yourself. Take Valid Passport, Birth Certificate, photographs, Fee Receipt, DS 160 Form, School Certificate, Employment Letter of Saudi Arabia, Marriage Certificate, US Resident Invitation, Bank Statements atleast of 3 months, Other supporting files.
  • Memorize everything before going for interview especially Dates, they can ask when you travel and leaving date from United states. Students can be asked for academic period, semester, start date end date etc.
  • Politely answers the questions and never start to argue. If your answer is false don’t give excuse. Never ask any question until told you to do so, usually they ask you at the end of interview ” if you have any question than ask” but don’t ask stupid or meaningless questions.
  • No Matter Which type of interview you are giving confidence is a key to success, as nervousness make you to give false answers. Try to show confident expression shaking hands, unnecessarily moving finger, seeing any other things instead of interview taker. Just keep calm and see front side, smile and look cool. Clearly mention things don’t hesitate but did not try to give long stories.
  • Avoid These Things: Don’t keep any electronic device, food items, mobile with yourself. Officer want to get see if you are a lawful citizen and don’t violate the visa  or residence policy.
  • Regarding dressing no need to become fancy or following american culture. Wear neat and clean clothes. It is better to wear one piece suit paint coat, and tie as it look professional.
  • Going to Embassy: Getting ready for interview is crucial stage, alway try not to be late. Visit as earlier as possible take good route having less traffic.
  • Eat something before visiting embassy as you have to stand in long queue that require lot of energy. There are almost 6 queues from which you need to go through.