Stop STC Automatic Balance Deduction

The problem of unnecessary balance deduction is common among cellular services users. Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC) subscriber in Saudi Arabia Also face this issues. Many of these subscriber don’t even know about the balance deduction and recharge many time but today I could tell you the way from which any STC customer easily get rid of this problem and hence saves many of his Balance which is just wasting due to any reason. Always make sure if you don’t need any service than don’t subscribe to it in case of misunderstanding of package content subscriber face huge cutting of Balance whether he is using service or not.

Let See How STC Customers Stop Automatic Balance Deduction.

The first thing is to get information about subscriber offers to do this┬ásend a blank message to 800444 and 800828. After sending wait for reply this may take 1 minute to 24 hours. After you receive a message open it and you i’ll see a list of your Current Packages see and recognize them whether you really using them or not.

This package is given with their Unsub code just like that “U _Space_UNSUBCODE”.

STC SAWA Balance deduction

The second way if you did’t able to do above step try to call customer Care number of Saudi Telecom Company which is 902. Also if the problem seems difficult visit nearest STC customer care center and ask them to give solution of all of your problems.