SR 10,000 Fine For Absentee Workers

Fine on absentee workers in Saudi Arabia

Workers in Saudi Arabia must be aware of laws in case of Absent from Work. Workers must be fully comitted to their job and must not be absent without any reason or telling his  sponsor. Recently Saudi Press Agency carried out statements issued by The General Directorate of Passports regarding fines for those absent runaway workers and for those who employ them. The fine of Saudi Riyal 10,000 will imposed on irregular or absentee worker but the stronger fine will be imposed on those who transport, give shelter or employ these type of employees the fine will be Saudi Riyal 100,000  a prison term of up to six months, a ban on recruiting workers for five years and deportation for the violating expatriates who breaks the laws of work.

fine for absent workers in Saudi Arabia

The directorate reminds all the citizens and expatriates to respect the laws and regulations. Must point out those workers who violates of residency and labor laws, including absentee workers, especially housemaids.

The similar type of situation was happened in 2013 due to which government starts amnesty program which gives permission to those irregular workers who were absent from work to present themselves to government so that legalize their status, this scheme also exit those who illegally staying in the Kingdom.