STC Quicknet Recharge 4 Best Options

STC Quicknet are one the top speed 4G internet available in Saudi Arabia, the technology of 4G is fastest and more reliable than any other network stream. STC provide Quicknet subscriber one if the best possible 4G experience with flexible plans. There are also various options to Recharge STC Quicknet in order to continue using 4G internet.

It is an online user integrated portal that will connect your whole sim with internet and provide statistics and services related to each and every package you are using on STC SIM. The portal will provide Recharge option for Quicknet. Any STC user can registered with my stc by giving their STC mobile number.
2. MY STC Mobile Application:
The another and most easy way to recharge using andriod or IOS application of my stc. It is same as my stc desktop version you just need to login and recharge your account of quicknet through credit card/recharge card of stc.
3. Send SMS:

Quick Net Recharge through SMS: Send *155* recharge card number* ID number# TO 1500

4. Using USSD Code:

Enter *155* recharge card number* ID number#, then press ‘call’

eg. *155*234234234234234*12312313#