Dependent Monthly Fee is Implemented

The wait is over and the new regime of taxes are now starts to become reality, the most speculated dependent fee are now shown on dashboards of different e-banking account holders.  From July 1st 100SAR dependent fee on each family member sponsor need to pay at iqama renewal time. There are more number of taxes coming in next year 2018. Read More: Jawazat Iqama fee 2017
There is no restriction weather the dependent is less than 18 years of age or more.
Some of banks starts to put a new service in their e-banking system as well as on their ATM machines. Sadad and other MOI services now linked to account holder through which he/she can pay the different iqama fee directly from their bank account. See Also: No More Subsidy on Following Items
Account holder of AlAhli bank or NCB bank and Riyadh bank just seen a new update on their online SADAD account under the section of  Government Payments & Refunds Alien Control in the Dealer details.

The new service is called “ASSOCIATE FEE FOR ALL THE REGISTERED ASSOCIATE IN THE HEAD. Here iqama renewal for family member can done only after paying dependent iqama fee. Related: New Soft Drink Prices

Most of bank still not done any update because they still waiting for mechanism that will be announced  by the government. These banks includes Al Rajhi Bank, SABB Bank, Bank Albilad

Please in case you find any new update just post information on comment as many banks starts to put the fee on SADAD  but still people are confused that the fee is just a joke, Must check your online banking account tell other saudi fellows of these fees.