Travelers departure from Oman by Air have to pay more rials on per ticket soon. According to Omar Airports Management new charges will start from January 1 for new year and will be added to total ticket charges. The fee will be OMR 1 charged on every international passenger, the new fee only applicable to international passengers.

The new fee will not be added to tickets of Domestic Passengers. The reason behind this fee is to get revenue in to Omani economy which is estimated around  OMR10 million yearly.

There already additional charges on per ticket of international passenger is OMR 10 after adding this new security fee the fee will become OMR 11. These additional charges brings almost OMR100 million in annual revenue for Oman’s airports.

Recently the charges of OMR 8 increased to OMR 10 that came in to effect after july 1, 2016.

New Security fee is exempted for infants/kids lesser than 2 years of age, aircrew, and domestic passenger travelling within oman.

OAMC start to collect the new fee from January 1, and start invoicing from fenaury 2017.

The circular issued by Oman Airport Management Company states that PACA Public Authority for Civil Aviation, Oman instructed OMAC to collect the new security fee from Passengers departing internationally.