Citizens and expatriates of Saudi Arabia can check their available funds under his iqama using online absher service provided by MOI Saudi Arabia. These funds were useful for online transactions against various services provided by gov. These funds were deposited by expatriate himself through bank or ATM and Online banking or by sponsor for payment of services.

These funds can be used for Payment of following services:

  1. Driving License Renewal
  2. Permanent Family Visa
  3. Visit Visa renewal for Family
  4. New driving license
  5. Profession change
  6. Iqama related Services
  7. Istamara Renewal/Transfer
  8. MOL Services

After depositing amount on moi account to confirm that whether the amount is successfully deposited or not, you can use the guide below to check the moi funds in your account.

After depositing the funds the available funds will be shown to you after paying the specific amount for service, the funds (MOI Diwan) will be deducted from total balance.

Procedure to Check Available funds in MOI:

  1. Visit official website of Ministry of interior (MOI) MOI.GOV.SA Saudi Arabia. If the language is Arabic change it to English.
  2. After changing of language, click on Electronic inquiries from main Menu where after than hover on MOI DIWAN. Now select “Public Query Available Funds“.
  3. The new portal portal is opened which is called MOI DIWAN here you need to enter IQAMA NUMBER and IMAGE code. After entering muqeem number and code click on VIEW button.
  4. Once clicking on View Button the details about your available funds will be showed.