Muslims are really conscious about carrying maximum amount of ZamZam water on flight to their home countries, considering this Saudi Airlines makes a separate baggage rule only for carrying ZamZam Water, there are many Muslim Countries Airlines that were giving special gift to hajis during hajj season in the form of more free baggage allowance in terms of ZamZam water.

According Saudia Airlines Web Portal, please must ensure that ZamZam water is must be only made from Sogia Factory. Or buy bottle of King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz ZamZam Water.

Most of the people don’t know than Saudi Airlines only allow 5 liters of ZamZam water Checked in for those passenger travelling from┬áKing Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah

While Those travelling from other domestic airports such as from Riyadh are allowed to carry One Gallon of Zam Zam Water as checked in Baggage as a free allowance.

If the liters exceed the limit normal excess baggage rates must be paid, excess baggage charges are usually in range between 100 to 150 dollars depends upon where you are travelling.