Omani E-Visa System is On Final Stage ROP

ROP in Initiative to boost Tourism Industry of Oman as well as giving easy access to electronically issuing the visa to visitors making a E-Visa issuance system which is now in Final Stage of Testing.

Official of Royal Omani Police making sure that each and every inch is in best position and they are doing testing for almost 12 months from now.

The new system will implemented slowly, Once all digital security measures will be tested and confirmed it will start working. The online payment is most concerned in regard of security measures. Currently Only Visa on Arrival E-Visa are issued to visitors.

The fee will be same any addition or services fee will be announced later.

Old System will be deducted and users can apply online as well as make payments to visa application using ITA’s ePayment Gateway. The system will automatically checks for errors in visa application and also approves application automatically.

The E-Visa system will be linked with departments that were mainstream in processing for visa and gives visa stickers, notification to users. Ministry of Foreign Affairs also used this new system to process diplomatic visas.

ONCE implemented visitors will able to apply for E-Visa using official website

Source Times of Oman