Saudi Riyal 50,000 Fine for Female Pilgrim Without Mahraam

It is a strict law in Saudi Arabia that female pilgrim were not allowed to enter in Saudi Arabia without Mahram. Women have been given very major status in Islam, Meharam is also included in principle of Islam. Mahram is separate for both men and women but men were allowed to travel without any need of Mahram. It is necessary for every women to enter in Saudi Arabia with his mehram. Many women who don’t have any way to enter in Saudi Arabia due to unavailability of Mahram women tries to contact agents who provide illegal services. Agent do this by joining women with mehram with families in this way its seems legal but still the main work is illegal. Agents make handsome amount of money from this work while most of them were difficult to caught as they are residing outside the Kingdom. Due to huge demant from women who want to perform hajj, agent make this as business. Due to which Saudi Government has imposed heavy fine on Agents as well as penalties for women pilgrim

Mehram Definition:

Islam sets some rule regarding to whom a women or men would marry regarding relatives. The mehram person refer to those  a woman cannot marry at any time in her life. Also mehram is person to women or men  is married which mean a person to whom you have done Nikah is your mehram. The full list of mehram were not given here it better to consult good Islamic Scholar in This regard.

Hajj is only Fardh (eligible) to those who have capacity such as money. In case a women don’t have mehram than this mean that she didn’t have capacity to perform hajj. Always tries to become fully eligible as it is major rule to perform Haj in Islam.

Saudi Women Pilgrims

How Much Fines in Saudi Riyal for Violation:

In the year of 2014 Saudi Gov take a firm step to stop this illegal business of Agents hence it targets to Airlines who book tickets for these women with mehram. Almost Saudi Riyal 50,000 is fine imposed on Airlines who violates this law. General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) also mention this law to Airlines and ask them to stricly check the women traveling without mehram.

For Women who is entering without Mehram is deported as soon as caught and the return tickets expense is also must be fulfill by airline. But those ladies having old ages usually more 45 are allowed to enter.